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Yes, being in a female dominated field, I do know what it means to be marginalized. “





oh my fucking god

The really ugly part is they’ve actually done multiple sociological studies on this, and guess what the result is? Men in female-dominated fields aren’t marginalized at all; they get special treatment and are fast-tracked to the top, getting more credit for their work, faster promotions, and greater pay and benefits than their female colleagues.

Here’s one study. Here’s another. And another.

That’s pretty much what I expected (though sad). I’ll hold onto these if I come into contact with this guy again.


*takes a break from doing nothing* ah i really deserved this



what if there were professional text post critics


Witty and insightful. A must-reblog post. Suspense from lack of punctuation and resolution leaves the reader pondering possibilities late into the night.

alright kids i’m going to sleep now. like an hour or two later than i meant to but lol shit happens you know how it is.


and nervous

i’m gonna miss my cat

i don’t know how well i’m gonna do but i got some stuff i managed to get together that i already had lying around and i brought things to make more stuff/do commissions

my friends sharing my table are better artists than me and will have super quality work so if you’re going to be at saikoucon come find us in artist alley and at least buy their things because they’re amazing


A Hades card, as a few of my friends requested to see him and thought somebody might want him. I’m super nervous about Saikoucon this weekend, so I put all my nerves into this. It was helpful! These photos are right after I finished him, before the trim and before signing the card back. He’s mounted on a pretty, vintage playing card with a kinda appropriate motif.

yo this is just a sample of the kind of stuff my friend here is going to be selling at our table

any of you peeps gonna be at saikoucon this weekend, best come check us out because you’re missing out if you don’t

that is some A+++ quality art right here better come get some

wow, ok, calm down, i didn't say anything offensive either, it doesnt matter if i'm anon and i sent u an ask, i didn't said that you couldn't say your opinion either, i saw ur post and just wanted to say that, not everything here on tumblr has to be a discussion. and i did get ur point, but saying the time it was made has nothing to do IS wrong, youre not only talking about more that 20 years ago and another culture and i never said it wasnt problematic but that i can understand these factors

you seem to think that i lost my temper. i didn’t.

what you also seem to fail to realize is that while many things that come out in our entertainment are problematic, no matter how much we adore them

if you never criticize it, if you never point out the flaws

your entertainment will simply remain the same. or get worse.

and that can be harmful to people. it has been harmful to people.

for example. in disney’s movie dumbo we have a handful of crow characters that embody black stereotypes. especially stereotypes of the time. one of the crows is actually called jim. jim crow. as in jim crow laws. no matter how much i like that movie, it doesn’t change the fact that those characters are a racist design. and there is no excuse for that. you accept it for what it is and recognize that it’s best that it not happen again. so you don’t make characters like that anymore. that’s the point.

there is nothing wrong with having a critical discussion about something. and i have every right to have my discussions about whatever i see fit.

and if you don’t have any intention on having a real dialogue with me, instead just whining that i have something to say that you don’t like, then maybe you shouldn’t be speaking with me at all. in which case you’ve wasted both our time telling me to shut up in too many words.

i will continue to enjoy what i want, analyze what i want, and criticize what i want in whatever fashion i want. if that’s a problem for you, then please don’t contact me again.


my kitten says hello


The lovely Ms. Paint


The lovely Ms. Paint




US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech, to have freedom of the press.

Ferguson Police: Kicks out media and limits protestors to a “First Amendment Area”image

funny, i thought the WHOLE COUNTRY was a first amendment area. silly me. 

Funny that when they do this I only hear about it on tumblr, but when they try to limit guns and the second amendment it literally becomes a congressional uproar.